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When considering repowering most boatowners will have to consider "What do we do with our old engine?" The old engines are generally rusty, dirty and leaky, not to mention heavy! Further problems can include:


How are we going to move it?

Where are we going to store it?

How much are we going to get for it?

How do we advertise it?

What if nobody buys it?

How will they take it away?

Will we be held responsible for it after we sell it?


All very relevant questions....

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Why not take the guesswork and uncertainty out of repowering your boat and trade in your existing engine for a pre-agreed discount against a new THORNYCROFT?


THORNYCROFT is the ONLY marine engine manufacturer guaranteed to take back your old engine in part exchange for a new one. Speak to your local dealer and request a part exchange valuation. They will then obtain a figure from us to underwrite the part exchange and you will be given a guaranteed part exchange value, If you proceed, the part exchange value will be deducted from the price of your new engine and your dealer will handle the return of the old engine back to us following handover of your new engine installation.


Any old inboard engine is eligible, running or non running, complete or with missing parts and any age.


Contact your nearest dealer today for further information.


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