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Product information and specifications for our Seagoing engine range.

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Our range of engines developed especially for inland waterways applications.


Archive information on previous Thornycroft engine models containing specifications and product literature. 

THORNYCROFT is able to offer engines for a wide range of applications. Our standard range is split into Seagoing Engines which use heat exchanger cooling and Inland Waterways Engines which are developed for keel or skin tank cooling. Seagoing Engines are fitted with a water cooled manifold and wet exhaust system as standard whereas the Inland Waterways models are fitted with a water cooled manifold and dry exhaust system as standard.


All our engines are fully customisable and both Seagoing and Inland Waterways models can be offered with dry manifolds and an option of dry or wet exhaust system as required. Combine this flexibility with a generous selection of additional equipment options and our engines really do offer a winning combination to suit all requirements.


All engines and associated components supplied as part of an installation package are covered by a full 2 Years Self Service & Self Installation Warranty for Recreational use and 1 Year Self Service & Self Installation Warranty for Commercial or Hire / Charter usage from the point of comissioning. Full terms and conditions available on request.

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