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For well over 150 years the name THORNYCROFT has been synonymous with the very best in marine engineering, an achievement made possible by the entrepreneurial talents of John Issac Thornycroft back in 1859.


To the right you can see an advert dating from 1953 offering the full THORNYCROFT range of that period.

THORNYCROFT remained under family ownership until becoming part of AEC / ACV Truck and Bus, then in 1962 becoming part of British Leyland where THORNYCROFT became the marine engineering division of the group.

It was transferred to a British Leyland Subsidiary, Beans Engineering of Tipton in 1972 at which point the plant had over 1000 employees. Upon the breakup of the British Leyland in the 1980s, THORNYCROFT was acquired with Beans Engineering as part of a management buyout. However, Reliant Motors who were also part of Beans Engineering proved to be its downfall and THORNYCROFT was sold off and into private ownership in 1995 where it has continued to manufacture marine engines up to the present day.










THORNYCROFT enjoys a worldwide reputation as a leading supplier of quality marine diesel engines and generators which are individually marinised in the UK to ensure the highest quality and guarantee the very best in performance.

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