Supporting Our Customers

Our engines, service parts and spares are all available either direct from ourselves or through our dealer network.


We are very happy for our customers to appoint their own installers or self install* and self service with our range of genuine service spares.

We are always interested to receive customer feedback on our products. Let us know what you need and where possible, we will incorporate it into future product builds and options lists.


(*subject to sign off by a competent person and return of completed installation form)

Quality As Standard

All our engines are marinised in the UK using high quality base engines from ISO 9001 approved global manufacturers.

Each component used in a Thornycroft build has been carefully selected to offer reliability and longevity for owners and operators alike.

All engine models are extensively dynamometer tested and real world tested prior to release. Our most recent dyno tests on the newly released TH Series engines saw one engine clock ten hours on the dyno at 100% load, 100% throttle, non stop, and the temperature and pressures never changed for the whole ten hours of the run.

Progressive Development

We are constantly striving to develop new and existing products in the quest for better efficiency, cleaner emissions, improved reliability and ease of operation.


Our products can be adapted in house to suit a wide range of applications and requirements with our engine packages being utilised in yachts, motor cruisers, river boats, narrowboats, wide beam barges and generator sets.


Please do contact us with your requirements and we will be delighted to assist.